Hormones, never.  Antibiotics, only for medical conditions that specifically require their use.  Importantly for you, the buyer, we do not administer “fed antibiotics” to our lambs as a growth supplement.

Never. Sheep are ruminant herbivores, and should be fed accordingly!

As a seedstock producer, we pay more attention to detail – at every level – than any other kind of livestock operation.  The health of our stock is an overriding concern.  Due to the various health certification programs of which we are a part, our sheep are inspected every year by a USDA veterinarian.  How we grow, care for, and feed our locker sheep reflects this kind of attention to detail.  We don’t feed antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products.  Our locker sheep are managed for flavor profile, tenderness, and the proper amount of “finish” (i.e., marbling).  They are processed in USDA-inspected facilities of impeccable reputation. 

Aside from the benefits of knowing where your food comes from, and often a lower price, it is the only way you will consistently get sheep of excellent quality and good plate coverage.