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About Us, Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale

About Us, Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale , Farm Silk is a family-owned sheep seedstock operation, producing mid-framed production. 

Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale, About Us, As breeders of the world’s preeminent breed of meat sheep, our goal is to produce commercially-valuable sheep that perform on the farm, on the range, for the packer, and deliver a premium product to the plate.

Buy Boer goats near me online, Our range rams top the local ram & ewe sale, and generate repeat sales by private treaty to satisfied customers.

We envision a future where diverse and vibrant urban and rural farms build human capacity, revitalize communities, supply regional food systems, and foster ecological resilience in a changing world

About Us, Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale

We foster research, extension, and education projects that support and encourage the sustainability of diverse, thriving small farms.

We help farmers get expert assistance to facilitate all phases of small farm business development, from initial growth to optimization to maturity.

The Dorper lamb grows rapidly and attains a high weaning weight which again is an economically important characteristic in the breeding of mutton sheep. 

A live weight of about 36 kg can be reached by the Dorper lamb at the age of 3- 4 months. This ensures a high quality carcass of approximately 16 kg. 

is associated with the inherent growth potential of the Dorper lamb and its ability to graze at an early age.

The Dorper is well adapted to a variety of climatic and grazing conditions. Originally this breed was developed for the more arid areas of the Republic but today they are widely spread throughout all the provinces. 

The Dorper does well in various range and feeding conditions and reacts very favorably under intensive feeding conditions.

The Dorper is an easy care breed which requires a minimum of labor. Its skin covering which is a mixture of hair and wool, will drop off if not shorn to keep it tidy. 

The Dorper has a thick skin which is highly prized and protects the sheep under harsh climatic conditions.

About Us

There is a reason that Boer goats are such a popular goat meat breed: these goats are well known for being docile while being extremely productive and fast-growing.

This combination makes them the ideal meat goat breed to produce.  It also doesn’t hurt that Boer goats typically go for more money than other meat goat breeds in the United States.    

If you are like many other people in the United States interested in meat goat farming, the Boer goat may just be the way for you to go.  This guide will help you get started by showing how you can find Boer goats for sale near you.

In your search for a Boer goat you will soon realize that big box stores like Petsmart and Tractor Supply do not carry goas!  Because of this you will have to learn how to shop all over again.    

The best way to shop for a Boer goat is by talking with people. The goat industry forces people to come out of their shell if they are going to be successful.  Some of the place you can find Boer goat people are on the internet, at farms, at shows, and at auctions.

The trickiest part about finding your Boer goat may be filtering through all the places to look.  Since the breed has become so prolific in the United States, they have become very easy to find, which makes it a double-edged sword.  

Some of the sources to buy a Boer goat from do not have the same quality as others, so it will be up to you to make sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Some of the things that you will want to look for when buying a Boer goat are health, conformation, breeding, registration, and demeanor.    

About Us, The first thing you will want to look at when buying a Boer goat is its health.  If you plan on breeding your Boer goat you will want to know its breeding to determine if it will cross well with your other Boer goats and help you meet your herd goals.    

You will also want to have documentation of its registration if you are buying a registered Boer goat.    Another thing you will want to look at is its temperament.  

Since they are one of the biggest goat breeds in the world, the temperament of the goat is extremely important for your safety and those who come in contact with your Boer goat.  

Boer goats should be a pretty easy breed for you to find.  With the number of breeders in the United States as well as the Boer goat’s popularity, their numbers are only growing.  

However, your main problem may be weeding through Boer goats to find quality ones that you want to invest your money in.      

About Us, Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale As you learn more about the Boer goat breed, you will be able to make educated decisions on the Boer goats you buy as well as knowing when you come across a good deal.      

The key to finding good deals is to create and nurture good relationships with other Boer goat enthusiasts as well as keeping an eye out on the market.  

When you grow relationships with other Boer goat enthusiasts, people will feel a sense of camaraderie with you and be more prone to work with you as they sell their goats.    

By arming yourself with knowledge, and fostering relationships, you will help yourself as you grow your own Boer goat herd.

About Us, Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale ,Two years ago, my husband thought it would be nice to surprise me with a ram, 2 ewe’s and a lamb for my birthday! We had talked about getting a few sheep to keep the grass down on our 25 acres. 

I just wasn’t expecting 4 sheep to arrive on my birthday! My husband, being South African, told me about this breed. Buy Healthy Black headed Dorper sheep near me 

We chose the black faced because they are an amazing looking animal, quite beautiful. The black head makes them look very striking and certainly attracts attention. 

Until recently, not many people were familiar with this breed in Australia. But now they are becoming very popular in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

About Us, Healthy Black headed Dorper sheep near me

Our Dorper’s have bought us so much joy. We have had a few lambs and they are one of the most gorgeous looking baby animals I have ever seen. Because our sheep are pets, we have given them names. 

Our ram is Rambo. And he is as tough as the movie legend! Our two older ewe’s are Ewe-nice and Ewe-genie. They are the friendliest of all our sheep. 

We even put reindeer antlers on them at Christmas time. (great photos for our Christmas cards!) I am sure the neighbors thought we had reindeer instead of sheep! 

We called our first twin girls Rosemary (after the herb) and Ellie-may (from the Beverly Hill Billies). We had twin girl and boy and named them after the actress Holly Hunter. 

The female… Holly and the male Hunter (we live in the Hunter Valley). He is a lovely pet as we neutered him. (he is what they call in sheep terms, a whether) 

The last set of twins that were born were named Domino and Oreo. (had the black and white theme happening). Can you guess what we named our property? Ewetopia!

We have had quite a few lambs born. Most were twins and we even had a set of triplets. Sadly, one of the triplets did not survive. 

young lambs are so adorable. They love to play and are always trying to climb up onto something. Buy Healthy Black headed Dorper sheep near me 

To see them running and pronking (where they hop fast on all fours!) is a sight to see! They love to run up our cattle ramp and jump off the end. When ever they get the chance, they sneak into our chook shed (chicken coup!) and eat all the chicken feed!

Hardy and Adaptable – Dorper Sheep are highly adaptable and do well in harsh, extensive conditions as well as in more intensive operations.

Excellent Maternal Qualities – Ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Lambs are vigorous and have high survivability.

Long Breeding Season – Dorpers are non-seasonal or have an extended breeding season. They can easily be managed to produce three lamb crops in two years.

Reproductive Efficiency – Dorpers are very fertile and prolific. Lambing rates of 180% can be achieved per lambing.

Pre-potency – Dorper sheep cross well with commercial ewes of other breeds and as terminal sires produce fast growing, muscular lambs.

Non-Selective Grazers – Dorpers are excellent converters of a wide range of forage types and they excel in grazing or weed control operations.

Heat and Insect Tolerant – Because of their Blackhead Persian origin, Dorpers have natural tolerance to high temperatures and heavy insect populations.

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